AKJ Rebrands Aurora

Aurora Kendrick James has rebranded to Aurora, a positive and progressive brand name meaning ‘new dawn’ or ‘new beginnings’. The re brand project includes a fully responsive website which offers customers login access 24/7; a new, strong and easily recognisable corporate logo; and software developments to the billing platform, now re branded to the Affinity Software Suite. The registered company name remains unchanged.

Managing Director, Derek Watson said “Aurora is a particularly fitting brand name in an industry which is constantly changing. The strategic timing of this development has been most important. With the communications landscape and channel diversifying so significantly and rapidly, our services and software need to reflect these changes. No longer do our customers sell just one product; in fact 70% of our customers bill multiple products, so we think it’s crucial that we move in line with the industry, in order to secure the trust of our customers and maintain leadership within the channel and amongst our peers”.

The website also features a brand new online resource centre with all the information needed to use the Affinity billing platform to its full potential. This is a core component of the site and has many new features including software and industry webinars along with ‘how to’ videos.

Finally, Aurora has re categorised Affinity, its modular business platform which enables customers to run their reseller operations through. Affinity has been categorised in to six simple modules, each reflecting the billing operation process, and all incorporating the Affinity name: Affinity Sales, Affinity Fulfilment, Affinity Billing, Affinity Finance, Affinity Online and Affinity Service.

Derek Watson added, “These changes not only reflect the business we have become, but have been designed in line with what we know our customers and our customers’ customers require to operate efficiently and successfully in an increasingly complex and competitive market.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine