AKJ Works Hard to Comply with Regulations

AKJ has been working closely with Ofcom and industry groups to ensure that its Affinity billing platform is fully compliant for Ofcom’s ‘Simplifying Non Geographic Numbers’ legislation which comes in to force in June 2015.

Primarily, these changes are to restore confidence amongst consumers using 08 numbers, but will also provide commercial transparency for companies and organisations using Non Geographic numbers.

AKJ has engaged with Ofcom to ensure that Affinity is compliant for the new legislation changes which finally come into force next year. In turn, AKJ is also working closely with their customers to understand how it will be presenting NGCS call charges and will be drawing upon this research in continued configuration of the Affinity billing platform.

Derek Watson, AKJ’s Managing Director said, “Clearly displaying the NGCS access and service charges will be a top priority next year throughout the telecoms and ICT industry and we want to reassure our entire customer base that the Affinity billing platform will be fully compliant in line with Ofcom’s changes.”

Derek added, “AKJ is carrying out individual customer research asking how customers want to display this new information. Feedback will be taken into consideration to ensure the Affinity final update is both simple and user friendly.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine