Alan Day Steps up a Gear with a Tiscali IP VPN

The Alan Day Motor Group has implemented Tiscali’s IP VPN solution. The service, designed, implemented and managed by virtual network operator TFM will reduce and control the company’s networking costs as well as providing faster access to its electronic point of sale (ePOS) system.

Tiscali and TFM’s IP VPN solution will help Alan Day improve customer experience in its dealerships throughout the South of England by having up-to-date’ information available on demand such as product details, spare car parts and body repair details.

Nathan Francis, general manager of Tiscali Business Services says: “Businesses can see enormous financial benefits if their infrastructure can provide fast access to vital information for customers. Better customer service inevitably leads to higher customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty which, in time, sees a higher return on investment.”

As a direct result of the deployment, Alan Day has saved 70% on its annual networking costs. The head office now has a leased line connection to accommodate the high volume of data connectivity required at the hub of its operations. All sites have benefited from using cost effective broadband connectivity.

“Installing an IPVPN means Alan Day can consider deploying other applications to further benefit the business. Voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless technology, for example, will allow private consultations or off site visits for customers,” concludes Francis.

One of the key elements in this purchasing decision was that the DSL can be Quality of Service (QoS) enabled. This means that other applications can run simultaneously without experiencing any delays or interference. As a result, TFM and Alan Day are looking forward and considering plans to implement a centrally managed and monitored IP based CCTV solution. This will ensure a saving on security costs on top of the initial benefits the company has seen. TFM’s application driven approach to networking needs QoDSL to function correctly, Tiscali are the only provider currently able to fulfil the core requirement.

Ilyas Master, IT manager for The Alan Day Motor Group says, “The solution puts the company in a position that can build future business requirements on solid foundations. The new flexible network allows integration of new solutions with minimum investment. The business now has the flexibility to support expansion plans for new dealerships in the future.”

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