Alcatel Debuts WAN Router Family

Alcatel has announced a new family of WAN routers they say offer exceptional performance, comprehensive security and other value-added features at a significantly lower price compared to existing solutions available on the market.

The company believes their OmniAccess WAN products ensure that users across multiple locations have high-speed and secure access to IT and communications resources from anywhere within the organisation, which is critical in today’s application-rich, multimedia environments.

The new T1/E1 WAN routers include the one-port Alcatel OmniAccess 601 and the two-port Alcatel OmniAccess 602 for branch office networks, and the four-port Alcatel OmniAccess 604 for large branch offices or network aggregation. Also available is the Alcatel OmniAccess 625 chassis solution for larger aggregation requirements, which can be configured for up to 16 T1/E1 ports or two T3/E3 ports.

The specification for the OmniAccess WAN products shows full wire-speed performance under heavy loads, even with multiple services enabled with all multi-port versions of the OmniAccess WAN family have the ability to bond multiple T1/E1s or multiple T3/E3s into a single logical circuit to provide aggregated bandwidth of up to 24 or 90 Mbps, respectively. This considerably improves bandwidth availability and provides end-users in branch offices with a faster and more secure experience when accessing applications – from any location.

Additionally, the Alcatel OmniAccess 600 routers provide an ideal solution for server-based IP telephony deployments, such as those based on Alcatel’s OmniPCX Enterprise platform with Alcatel IP Touch phones.

“There’s a dramatic increase in market demand for higher speed WAN deployments that provide secure access to applications,” said Tom Burns, senior vice president and general manager of Alcatel’s enterprise network infrastructure activities. “Our new OmniAccess WAN solutions address this demand and are generating great customer interest due to its low cost, exceptional performance, and broad feature set.”

The OmniAccess WAN routers support both switching and routing, including support for all major, standards-based IP routing protocols. They also support advanced technologies including fast-path forwarding engine, quality of service (QoS) for voice and video traffic, and unique “virtual Ethernet” technology that allows users to work together on a network composed of multiple buildings, which can be located miles apart from each other.

Virtual private networks can be set up between branch offices or corporate headquarters to encrypt data streams, and can also be extended to telecommuters who connect to the corporate network via the Internet. Other security services delivered include stateful inspection firewall, SSH, TACACS, authentication, host integrity checking, DOS defences, NAT and extensive ACL support. Alcatel’s OmniAccess WAN routers also include two built-in 10/100 ports for connecting to the local network, DSX-1 for multiplexing voice and data traffic on the uplink, and a built-in CSU/DSU for LAN/WAN communications.

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