Alcatel Introduces My Teamwork Land Mobile Radio Conferencing And Collaboration

Alcatel has introduced the My Teamwork Land Mobile Radio Conferencing and Collaboration solution (LMRCC), enabling land mobile radio networks to interoperate with any telephony device on traditional, VoIP, and next generation networks. My Teamwork LMRCC is a targeted solution for local and state government agencies and public safety first responders, and for industries with deployed field representatives, delivery personnel, or field technicians.

In association with Raytheon’s JPS Communications, Alcatel developed My Teamwork LMRCC building on its collaboration software platform My Teamwork and its service-oriented architecture and open APIs. The solution connects the ARA-1 Radio-to-SIP interface from Raytheon JPS Communications with Alcatel’s My Teamwork ‘SIP-to-the-core’ software server providing secure, voice, data, and video conferencing between mobile, fixed, and VoIP phones, and disparate radio networks using commodity hardware for a low total cost of ownership and rapid deployment.

Using My Teamwork LMRCC, government agencies equipped with different radio devices, networks, and common telephones can connect immediately while leveraging their existing equipment and infrastructure. Workers can communicate within a data collaboration session to view and annotate maps, blueprints, weather radar screens, and policy statements. Staff equipped with PDAs, smart phones, and/or telephones can talk with each other while also reviewing important visual and written material.

“Recent catastrophies have demonstrated the urgent need for effective real-time voice communication between on-site stakeholders and remote staff,” said Doug Hall, senior scientist at JPS Communications. “The JPS ARA-1 provides an interface to connect these groups by allowing land mobile radios to talk to SIP networks while Alcatel’s My Teamwork solution manages the connection between the groups, enabling more efficient communications during a crisis situation.”

My Teamwork LMRCC uniquely bridges together valuable human resources into large or small-scale voice conferences and multimedia sessions across distributed networks and geographies, supporting virtually any telephone system or network. The interconnection can be made over a private managed LAN or via a secure VPN through the public internet enabling field staff to conduct business more efficiently and emergency responders to receive critical information updates during a crisis situation.

“Alcatel continues to change the way we communicate in our daily jobs,” said Jean-Christophe Giroux, president of Alcatel’s enterprise activities. “My Teamwork LMRCC is beneficial to any enterprise that has employees in the field who play a critical role in the operations of the organisation. “We strongly believe that the unique My Teamwork LMRCC solution will help organisations and communities make a successful impact on the people they serve by bridging the communication gap amongst their key employees.”

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