Alcatel Launch Eye-box IT Server for SMBs

Alcatel is set to broaden its small and medium-sized business (SMB) portfolio with the availability of an expanded range of pre-packaged solutions to complement its Alcatel OmniPCX Office voice products. Eye-box is a family of IT servers and software packs that delivers a broad set of in ICT capabilities to SMBs.

Trevor Evans, Marketing Manager at Alcatel says, “Building on the company’s acquisition of Right Vision in late 2004, Alcatel is bringing to market two new pre-packaged IT servers: the Alcatel Eye-box Premium Edition and the Alcatel Eye-box Compact Edition. The Alcatel Eye-box Premium Edition is for companies with up to 300 users and the Alcatel Eye-box Compact Edition is for companies with up to 25 users.

The Alcatel Eye-box offerings include a variety of software packs that deliver shared and secure Internet access, remote access, email, web access, and collaborative and personal productivity applications. The solutions provide flexibility and smooth evolution in capacity and functionality, allowing SMBs to set up an enterprise-class IT environment.

Taking a user-centric approach, all of Alcatel’s pre-packaged SMB solutions feature a single web-based user interface called the ‘virtual desktop.’ The virtual desktop allows users to manage personal information and communications, such as calendar, contacts and personal folders – both on-site and from remote locations. The virtual desktop enables employees to be more productive and efficient, and frees them from their offices to better serve customers.”

In related news, Alcatel developed a new SMB software offering – the Telephony Integration Pack – to bring the benefits of a converged ICT solution to SMBs by delivering integration between the Alcatel Eye-box and Alcatel OmniPCX Office ranges. Alcatel’s newly available ICT solution delivers an enhanced virtual desktop that enables access and management of voice communication services, including click-to-call, call forwarding, unified messaging and workgroup collaboration.

“Alcatel is ushering in a new era of business productivity and agility for SMBs with an expanded range of SMB offerings,” said Jean-Luc Fourniou, senior vice president, Alcatel Enterprise Solutions activities. “Today’s SMBs require easy-to-install, flexible solutions that provide advanced capabilities to increase employee productivity and collaboration, while improving customer satisfaction.”

Trevor Evans concluded, “Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) recognise the importance of communications with customers and suppliers to maintain their competitiveness and develop their business. As SMBs become more sophisticated, they are investigating ICT solutions have become essential business tools to increase their productivity and grow their business. SMBs, like larger enterprises, need to manage increasing information flows from diverse sources and networks, while interacting with customers using a variety of communications tools, including standard voice, e-mail and the Web. At the same time, SMBs require simple, flexible and easy-to-manage solutions that contribute to reduced operational costs and a rapid ROI.”

The new range of Alcatel SMB solutions are available now

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