Alcatel Launch OmniPCX Office release 5.0

Trevor Evans, business development manager, Alcatel told Comms Business Magazine that the new OmniPCXOffice’s PC-based attendant console allows SMBs to efficiently handle calls from a PC.

“It supervises the status of all extensions, monitoring whether a person is busy or away from their desk before trying to put a call through to them. The centralised operator means that this functionality is available across multiple sites, so extensions can be supervised remotely and there’s no longer a need to have an operator on each site. Using this, SMBs can ensure that enquiries are dealt with promptly and the centralised system reduces overheads for multi-site firms.

SMBs are increasingly deploying WLAN to handle data traffic. The OmniPCXOffice 5.0 extends these capabilities by enabling voice over WLAN with robust Quality of Service for calls. SMBs can also deploy Mobile IP Touch telephones, PDAs and/or laptops for voice calls as an alternative to DECT.

The new release also facilitates SIP trunking to next generation IP public networks. Users will benefit from lower call costs and line rental, flexible DDI numbering services and number portability.”

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