Alcatel-Lucent enhances network problem spotter product

Alcatel-Lucent has introduced a new set of services to proactively analyse the health and performance of telecommunications networks, identify potential problems and take appropriate actions to prevent or minimise their impact.

The focus of the Proactive Services Suite is improving the performance of wireless networks, and Alcatel-Lucent is expanding its capabilities to support multimedia networks, based on IP multimedia subsystem technology, optical transmission systems and IP networks. The company also will be introducing support for equipment from other vendors by the end of this year.

The Proactive Services Suite provides a way to continuously monitor and analyse network performance in detail, identify emerging problems quickly and recommend or take specific actions to resolve those problems, often before they are even noticed by subscribers. Built into the suite of services is a unique intelligence feature of continuous learning that captures error signatures. This information allows Alcatel-Lucent experts to learn network behaviour and share ideas and solutions based on past experiences.

US-based mobile operator, nTelos, is using Alcatel-Lucent’s Mobile Trace Analyser, part of the Proactive Services Suite, to maintain and improve the health of its network. Brian Biernat, director of wireless switch engineering and planning for nTelos, said: “For our company it has allowed us to be more proactive in identifying potential issues and resolving them before they become service affecting. This helps us improve network quality and reliability, which in turn helps us maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and minimise churn, a key performance metric in our industry.”

Mike Lawson, vice president for customer care product management at Alcatel-Lucent, said: “Proactive Services help operators actively address issues before they escalate into major operational concerns. Alcatel-Lucent offers a broad portfolio of services, provided by the leading experts in the business that are focused on ensuring optimal network availability.”

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