Alcatel-Lucent launches mobile advertising solution

Alcatel-Lucent has unveiled its Optism Mobile Advertising Solution, a new offering that enables mobile operators to create valuable media inventory (available ad space) and provide advertisers with easy access to willing and highly targeted audiences.

Optism helps mobile operators develop new business models and offer more personalised experiences to their subscribers. It also helps advertisers reach wider, yet more targeted audiences through highly responsive, permission and preference-based mobile marketing that is aggregated across multiple mobile operators, a capability unique in the industry.

A key feature of Optism is its media arm, which brokers relationships between mobile operators and advertisers, greatly simplifying the media selling process for aggregated operator inventory. Specifically, Optism brings together a wealth of experienced advertising and mobile marketing professionals to build commercial relationships with global brands and agencies, bringing the ecosystem together to facilitate the sale of aggregated media inventory across multiple mobile operators.

“The most desirable inventory involves user permissions supplemented by explicit preferences and must offer broad scale to truly harness mobile as a marketing channel,” said David Kyffin, global chief ROI and direct marketing officer of Mediacom, part of the WPP group. “Clients are increasingly asking if they can run campaigns over multiple regions and at scale. Alcatel- Lucent’s operating model and access to multiple mobile operators is a big step towards meeting these requirements.”

At the heart of the solution is a highly scalable, hosted advertising platform that reduces barriers to entry for mobile operators and easily and directly connects them with advertisers. Going beyond just technical capabilities, it offers go to market support for operators, combined with media sales and campaign management for advertisers.

The solution provides an innovative business model – based on revenue sharing – that empowers operators to play a more significant role in the ecosystem than they do today. Utilising permission and stated preferences to deliver advertising to subscribers’ mobile phones, they can be connected with their favourite brands through relevant and engaging interactions that are tailored to their specific interests and lifestyles, such as discount offers on products and services.

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