Alcatel Unveil Eye Box Distributor at Convergence Summit

At Convergence Summit 2006, Alcatel announced that it has signed a new distribution agreement with specialist IT distributor Eye-box Centre. The partnership will see Eye-box Centre sell Alcatel’s Eye-box servers for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) direct to end-users and through value-added reseller partners in the UK and Ireland.

Alcatel’s pre-packaged IT servers offer SMBs a one-box communications solution. The Eye-box Premium Edition caters for companies with up to 300 users, while the Compact Edition is for companies with up to 25 users. The offerings also include a variety of software packs that deliver shared and secure internet access, remote access, email, web access, and collaborative and personal productivity applications.

A dedicated IT distributor with 30 years channel experience, Eye-box Centre will also provide training, technical support and even installation to end-users. Resellers will further benefit from vastly reduced lead times, as well as Eye-box Centre’s extensive knowledge of both the product and the IT requirements of the SMB market.

“The Eye-box has been designed from the ground up to successfully run both voice and data over a single platform – this is convergence at its simplest and best,” said Jerry Ryan, managing director of Eye-box Centre. “The product’s ease of management makes it ideal for smaller companies that will also be impressed by its competitive cost and quick return on investment. We’re delighted to be supplying such a strong product, which will genuinely give end-users an advantage by allowing them to flexibly and easily operate an enterprise-class IT environment, while improving staff productivity and collaboration.”

“There’s a clear market need for SMB dedicated IT servers and the convergence expertise of Eye-box Centre means it’s ideally placed to supply our solution,” said Graeme Allan, country director for UK and Ireland, Alcatel enterprise activities. “With proven skills, experience and technology, we are in no doubt that this partnership has all the right ingredients to be highly successful and most importantly, advantageous to end-users.”

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