Allied Telesis helps Britain go green

Allied Telesis is helping to turn Britain green by getting involved with Team Green Britain today. The company will be offering a one-off 30% discount on all its green products purchased.

Team Green Britain is a national event aimed at getting everyone together to start making an impact on Britain’s carbon footprint, from car sharing and cycling to work, to cutting down on the amount of electricity we use.

“Rather than a one-off event we are encouraging people to drop their energy usage over the long-term with this offer,” said Melvyn Wray, Senior Vice President of Marketing in EMEA, Allied Telesis. “By using energy efficient products businesses can make a real difference to their carbon footprint as well as saving on costs.”

Allied Telesis released its first green product in November 2008, and has been re-engineering product lines to achieve the lowest possible power consumption alongside innovative features such as switching off LEDs and driving less power through shorter cables.

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