Alliot joins the LoRa Alliance

Alliot has today announced its membership with the LoRa Alliance. As the industry’s chief organisation the LoRa Alliance is the fastest growing technology alliance, committed to enabling large scale deployment of Low Power Wide Area Networks.

Alliot aims to leverage its new membership to provide its partners with the latest technological developments along with the very best solutions through collaborative partnerships with other members of the Alliance.

As Alliot’s Product Development Director, Paul Hayes explains, “Joining the LoRa Alliance was a natural fit for Alliot. Our current portfolio features a number of certified products which we are beginning to see being implemented to a number of vertical markets. We are actively extending our offering with new products and the development of the wrap around services which really bring our solutions to life for small and large scale projects. We hope that our wealth of knowledge and experience will make us a valuable member of the LoRa Alliance and look forward to help drive IoT connectivity forward with fellow members.”

Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance said, “It is my pleasure to welcome Alliot to the LoRa Alliance. Adding a new distributor from the UK is a testament to increased demand for LoRaWAN technology and a positive signal from the market that the IoT is scaling globally at mass in all verticals. Alliot’s strategy to collaborate with other LoRa Alliance members to deliver solutions quickly makes them a strong addition to the LoRa Alliance ecosystem. We look forward to their participation and support.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine