An unqualified success!

Telecoms firm BNS Telecom is showing the way forward by providing on-going training for its staff.

Scores of workers have successfully completed NVQ training at levels 1 and 2 to further their own development and ensure that BNS offers first rate service at all times.

Michael Hall, Customer Service Director said: “Some people may choose to turn off the tap for investment in training because of the current economic climate but actually the market conditions have created a very competitive environment which means the bar is rising in terms of the skills required and the expectations of customers.

“Here at BNS we believe very strongly in the benefits to both the individual and the Company. We are tackling the recession by focusing on training staff and being more efficient in our processes and keeping an eye on costs.

“It never ceases to impress me that so many of our staff are so keen to learn and further themselves as taking any form of qualification does require a measure of commitment and extra work.

“We are finding that once people complete one course they are keen to get on with another one. It requires a financial commitment from us but we know it will benefit us and our customers in the long-run.”

Jill Brown,26, a senior customer services advisor with BNS for two years said: “I wasn’t offered any training by my previous employer even though I was in a similar customer services role and dealing with telecoms, so I was surprised and very pleased to be able to complete an NVQ.”

Team leader, Mike Jones,36, said: “The qualifications will add to my CV and help me progress in my role and hopefully lead to other opportunities for me.”

And co-worker Lee Rourke, 24, said: “I had never been given the opportunity to obtain job related qualifications before working at BNS. It’s nice to have the opportunity to take these options and add to my skill set.”

To date BNS has presented 34 NVQ certificates at level 2 in Customer Service and Business Administration and currently has 30 staff in training for a variety of NVQs.

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