Analyse this tariff with Mainline

Orange mobile phone distributor, Mainline Digital Communications, is offering its dealers access to UK tariff analysis bureau, Tariffcom.

The independent service is designed to help dealers better assess customer needs and sell them the right plan, therefore enhancing their overall customer experience.

Tariffcom will analyse three months of customer bills and carry out a detailed breakdown of their usage, and also include a comparison of costs for their requirements based on Orange business plans.

“This is a very cost effective service,” commented Gail Hollinshead, Mainline’s director of dealer sales. “With the tough economic climate, businesses are looking to make significant savings and ensure they’re getting the best value for money. The beauty of the analysis bureau is that it is a successful way to save customers money and offer them a better deal suited to their individual needs.

“This also takes care of time consuming bill analysis and minimises the time spent discussing cost with customers. It enables dealers to concentrate on Orange’s value benefits and offer an enhanced level of quality customer service,” concluded Hollinshead.

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