Analysys Mason launches research programme on how to sell telecoms services and technology

Analysys Mason’s new research programme will offer a unique focus on the telecoms, media and technology requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small office/home office (SOHO) organisations.

Analysys Mason today launched a new research programme with a unique focus on the telecoms, media and technology challenges for SMEs and SOHOs. The SME Strategies research programme is part of the well-established Enterprise services research practice and will be headed by Lead Analyst Steve Hilton, who has 19 years of experience in technology and marketing.

The SME Strategies programme will offer insights into how operators, vendors, third-party technology companies and manufacturers can serve the world’s 80 million SMEs and SOHOs. Successful selling to SMEs and SOHOs requires a deep understanding of their key business challenges, as well as their technology options and channels to market.

“SMEs and SOHOs purchase technology for three main reasons: to drive growth in their businesses, to protect their businesses from risk and to simplify all aspects of doing business,” explained Steve Hilton. “These organisations buy telecoms hardware, software and services in order to address their key business challenges, but unlike large enterprises, they get lots of technology support from their operators and vendors. SMEs and SOHO organisations are a diverse and heterogeneous group. If operators and vendors are to successfully target these businesses, it is important that segment the market and really understand its characteristics.”

Hilton estimates that between 95% and 99% of all businesses in virtually every country in the world are SMEs. The wealth of a country’s general economy depends heavily on its SMEs. For example, this enterprise segment generally takes the lead in creating jobs after a recession.

However, many operators and vendors do not recognise that SMEs and SOHOs need to be approached differently to larger enterprises. Understanding and addressing both the requirements and budgets of these organisations represents a significant market opportunity.

Analysys Mason’s SME Strategies programme will deliver research on topics that include:
sizing the SME and SOHO market, including a five-year worldwide forecast

Bundling, pricing and churn for SMEs and SOHOs

Mobile apps and productivity tools for SMEs

Providing SMEs and SOHOs with business-grade support

Case studies on strategies for selling to SMEs

Cloud services for SMEs: technology vendors’ approaches

Successful strategies for selling products and services to SMEs in emerging markets.

“This programme was developed to help operators and vendors better understand the communications services and technology products that are critical SMEs are to grow, and protect and simplify their businesses,” explained Hilton. “It is evident that communications and technology providers selling to SMEs can do a better job by learning from best practices around the world, which is what we aim to share with subscribers to the programme.”

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