Android enables Kiboo’s mobile communication revolution

Mobile community developer, Kiboo, has created a new phenomenon for interpersonal mobile communication with the introduction of BuddyMob, a single tool that enables continuous contact with friends via instant messaging, geotagged multimedia content sharing, microblogging, positioning on GoogleMaps, and a live instant feed to and from users’ friends’ social networks, all on the mobile phone. BuddyMob is now available as a private beta test.

Android’s open source platform and software development kit (SDK) allows BuddyMob to gain access to hardware and software functions closely linked to the device, linking the camera functionality to geotagged multimedia sharing for example, and enabling location services and proximity alerts via GoogleMaps, as well as opening the system to third party instant messenger applications and microblogging.

The XMPP protocol also brings the BuddyMob application to life, enabling all activity to be streamed live to contacts and creating an interface with all other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, permitting the user to integrate all their social network memberships and stay up to date with contacts’ feeds anywhere, using only one application.

BuddyMob uses a mobile device’s stored contacts to create a list of buddies who can choose whether they can be seen on a map or contacted, protecting them from unwanted tracking and respecting privacy issues. Free to use, BuddyMob is ad-funded using a combination of location-based advertising and adverts served according to a user’s profile. This ensures relevancy, higher click through and therefore better revenue generation.

Kiboo CEO and co-founder, Christophe Hocquet, commented: “Android’s open system has opened up a wealth of opportunities for developers. The combination of positioning with content sharing and chat on a single mobile application creates a whole new communication medium. Add to this the ability to stay up to date with friends’ updates whichever network they’re using and BuddyMob is able to deliver friends at your fingertips.”

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