Anixter Partners with Didata for IP-based Security and Surveillance Market

Distributor Anixter has announced its collaboration with Dimension Data to focus on the rapidly expanding global market in IP based physical security and surveillance systems.

This new partnership brings together the network design, installation and logistics expertise from Dimension Data and Anixter with the products and technologies from Axis Communications, Milestone Systems and Netgenium Systems.

Axis Communications is a leader in network video and print solutions. Milestone Systems is a global market leader in IP video surveillance software whilst Netgenium Systems is a specialist in IP-based access and lighting control.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for growth in the UK and overseas as organisations move from traditional analogue CCTV security and surveillance installations to take advantage of the flexibility and power of the new generation of IP-based systems,” says Kari Baden, Managing Director of Dimension Data’s Advanced Infrastructure Division. “Telephony has embraced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and we believe that IP will have as great an impact on the physical security market.”

Baden says that the partnership brings together the market leaders in IP-enabled security to provide a holistic approach to delivering state-of-the-art security solutions.

Together, the partnership will provide structured cabling and communications hardware, physical locking and access control devices, sophisticated network cameras and security lighting, as well as powerful surveillance and reporting software.

“Anixter boasts a strong global footprint in terms of logistics and distribution capabilities. In addition, it has a first-class vendor portfolio of products, including structured cabling systems from Systimax Solutions. Also, Anixter has a well-established reputation in converged security and communications, from which Dimension Data and its partners will leverage.”

Baden sees increased demand, especially from the education and retail sectors where IP-based security and surveillance is helping to resolve issues such as access control, reducing vandalism, increasing security, and preventing theft and fraud.

“In education, for example, IP-CCTV is helping to stop equipment theft, identify instances of bullying, and monitor vandalism. In some cases, electronic swipe card entry devices from Netgenium Systems are used as a secure alternative to the traditional manual register of pupils. In retail, advanced digital imaging technology automatically warns management when bags are left unattended and which could result in a security risk,” Baden adds.

Glenn Fletcher, Sales Manager UK of Milestone Systems, concurs that IP-enabled security is taking off. “Our surveillance software has been designed to communicate with virtually any make and type of network camera, such as those from Axis Communications. We have a real open systems approach, which gives our business partners and customers the freedom of choice.

“The software enables commands to be sent to and from the Axis systems and video surveillance can be moved instantly around the network. For example, if an intruder forces a door protected by a Netgenium Systems lock, the system triggers an alert, the camera zooms in and records a clip which can be flagged on security monitors or emailed to a PDA.”

Steve Gorski, Managing Director, Axis Communications (UK) Limited, comments that each of the partners brings an important element to provision of a total customer solution: “The business opportunities from convergence of surveillance, security monitoring, data and voice over a single corporate network infrastructure are tremendous. Axis Communications has a wide range of network video solutions that enable organisations to monitor and secure property, people and processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

“The Dimension Data initiative is timely because organisations are now actively accelerating their adoption of network video solutions and Axis Communications is pleased to be part of this powerful alliance.”

Paul Anderson, Managing Director of Netgenium Systems, says the combination of advanced software and services with essential hardware delivers significant advances in converged networked security systems. “Our Pure IP range encompasses IP PoE Access Control, IP Lighting Control, IP PoE Audio and IP PoE Video intercom. These can all be integrated with IP telephony systems – such as Cisco’s Call Manager – to provide an effective converged physical security solution.

“When someone presses a button on our video intercom panel, for example, it triggers a video stream and sends the audio call into the Cisco IP Telephony system so reception can check the identity of the visitor before authorising entry and pressing the button to let the caller in. These are the real benefits of convergence.

“Because the system runs over a converged IP network, entry authorisation can be initiated from virtually any location, wherever there is a network connection and personnel can then be monitored throughout the duration of the visit. Also, an unattended warehouse or distribution centre in Bradford could be unlocked from a control centre in Dover, Paris or Tokyo and then secured again afterwards. The potential is endless.”

Rob Henney, Regional Sales Vice President of Anixter says the company is excited about expanding its existing channel and engaging new business partners. “The synergy between the companies provides a one-stop shop for complete IP-enabled security solutions,” he says and adds that while the traditional physical security market is growing at 10% to 15% a year, IP-based security is expanding at 40% to 50%.

“Anixter is committed to taking a significant share of that expansion in terms of increased revenue,” Henney concludes.

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