Another C&W Lifeboat from Pipex

If the Titanic had the same response in 1912 then Kate Winslett and Leonardo di Caprio would each have a few million less in the bank and the film would probably have been a non-starter. However, rowing furiously towards customers standing on the deck of the stricken liner this week is Pipex.

Pipex has launched a customer hotline for C&W customers that are to be cut off by the telco, providing a credible alternative to BT for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to ensure business continuity and security over the long term.

Pipex say they have also cemented its credentials as one of the UK’s leading telecoms providers with the acquisition of Homecall last week, adding over half a million voice customers to its books. As a Carrier-Pre-Select (CPS), Pipex is able to offer customers broadband, telephone and other services through one bill, providing a genuine alternative to BT, C&W and other operators.

Pipex also say that C&W has allegedly issued 900 contract termination letters, potentially rising to 8,000 by the end of the year. According to Pipex, although traumatic for those businesses affected, the announcement presents a good opportunity for SMEs to review their overall comms situation, including voice, broadband and server infrastructure.

Maria Cappella, Managing Director of Pipex Network Services, says, “What BT fail to realise, is that many SMEs joined C&W in the first place as an alternative provider that was hopefully more sensitive to their needs. Unfortunately, they’ve been left high and dry by the latest decision by C&W to terminate their contracts.

“Although many providers will undoubtedly join BT and Pipex in setting up helplines for troubled SMEs, business owners and managers still need to take the same care in selecting their new supplier as they would if they were making the decision in different circumstances,” adds Cappella. “Ensuring your supplier has competitive call rates, plenty of redundancy in its servers and a tier one broadband network, are just a few of the things they need to consider.”

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