Anywhere Working Week

This week is Anywhere Working Week and Nigel Moulton, CTO Avaya EMEA, believes that without the right technology to support anywhere working, its benefits won’t be felt and its potential won’t be achieved:

“Companies are striving to equip their employees for ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ communications to make them efficient, productive and responsive. The technology best placed to support this is Unified Communications (UC).”

“UC is business software that integrates all of an employee’s communications tools and allows the user to access them through one consistent user interface on any device. In its simplest form, UC can mean having your desk and mobile phones linked through a single number. So both devices will ring simultaneously, meaning if you’re not at your desk, you can pick up the call on your mobile and the caller is none the wiser to where you are.

Similarly, voicemail can be converted to text and sent via email or SMS. More sophisticated UC extends to the full suite of business communications tools – so voice, video, email, IM, SMS and even social media – where everything is linked seamlessly through one interface on all devices – so a PC, smartphone, tablet or deskphone. You can even set your presence to automatically alert people as to which device you are best contactable on. It doesn’t even matter whether your devices are business or personal – you can have them all linked to create the ultimate Always On Office experience.”

“The great thing about UC is that it not only integrates all communications tools but also gives users access to everything they would have available at their desk, but on mobile devices. For example, they’d have access to the corporate phone book, all business applications and the corporate server so they are set up to be as productive and efficient as they would be in the office.”

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