APC Celebrate the 5th year of its UPS Exchange Program

Five years ago, American Power Conversion (APC) launched the “Trade-UPS” Program and enabled resellers to deliver additional value to their customers by offering to trade in old UPS in exchange for an eye-catching discount off the price of a new APC UPS. Using the scheme, the reseller picks up an additional 5 points margin over standard distribution prices and can also benefit from substantial savings on many APC UPS accessories and services for their customers, when purchased along with the replacement unit.

A key benefit for end-customers is that the Trade-UPS Program meets the needs of environmental legislation concerning the correct handling of retired electronics devices. When resellers identify that a unit is being traded up using the Trade-UPS Program, APC will arrange both pick up and correct disposal of the old unit, usually within two weeks of delivering its replacement APC UPS.

Says Alexandre Aime, Trade-UPS Program manager, APC “Current generation IT equipment has a noticeably higher power requirement than older devices. This is an issue where older and legacy UPS are in place, because users may well find that their IT is not adequately protected in the event of a power outage or other transient.”

“The Trade-UPS Program provides a perfect opportunity for resellers to engage with their customers to discuss issues of power back-up and protection. In addition to the generous discounts on offer, users may trade up to a device over twice as powerful as the UPS it replaces, and the new UPS comes with a full two year warranty from a world leader!”

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