APC launches energy efficient Back-UPS RS 550VA

APC by Schneider Electric has launched its Back-UPS RS 550VA line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that contributes to eliminate wasted energy. This model offers energy efficient charging, shutting off power to computer peripherals when the computer is in sleep mode or hibernating and three battery backup outlets with automatic voltage regulation (AVR).

The APC Back-UPS RS 550VA offers high performance protection for business, office and home computer systems as well as abundant battery backup power, allowing users to work through medium length and extended power outages. It also safeguards equipment from damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility, phone and network lines.

“An offering of this type is becoming increasingly important to businesses and consumers today as they become more and more energy conscious and are attempting to reduce the electricity consumption of their IT products,” said Paul Tyrer, VP UK & Ireland at APC by Schneider Electric.”

“Another distinguishing feature of the Back-UPS RS is its three battery backup outlets with automatic voltage regulation (AVR),” said Paul Tyrer. “AVR instantly adjusts both low and high voltages to safe levels, so users can work indefinitely during brownouts and overvoltage situations, saving the battery for power outages when it is needed most.”

The Back-UPS RS 550VA also has a power saving AVR bypass capability. This is an ultra efficient electrical design that consumes less power during normal operations and automatically bypasses the transformer until needed, saving even more power.

Not only does APC’s PowerChute Edition shutdown software automatically power down a computer system in the event of an extended power outage, but the Back-UPS RS 550VA includes additional features such as audible alarms, LED status indicators, user replaceable batteries, push-button circuit breakers and plentiful outlets (including transformer-block spaced outlets) making it the ideal unit to protect a business’ productivity or home applications from the constant threat of power problems and lost data.

The unit’s successful second generation LCD Display allows users to use the buttons to toggle through a variety of information regarding the UPS and the utility conditions. In addition, the Mute Button performs two functions: pressing and holding it down disables all audible alarms (until the button is pressed again); while pressing and immediately releasing it silences the audible alarm for that specific alarm event only.

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