Apple App store celebrates first anniversary

Apple’s App Storre celebrates its first birthday this Saturday, 11 July. New metrics from AdMob, a global mobile advertising platform, show Apple’s share of the global, UK and US mobile markets, and consumer usage of iPhone applications. The latest stats reveal that the iPhone now accounts for almost half of all mobile web traffic in the UK.

Top iPhone Apps had more than one million users in the UK in May 2009. Altogether, 5% of iPhone apps in AdMob’s network had more than 100,000 active users in May 2009. Further, 14% of iPhone apps in AdMob’s network had between 10,000 and 100,000 active users in May 2009. Also, 27% of iPhone apps in AdMob’s network had between 1,000 to 10,000 active users in May 2009 .

Thomas Schulz, managing director of AdMob in EMEA, commented on Apple’s App Store: “In just twelve months, more than 50,000 applications have been added to the Apple App Store. With millions now downloaded every week, it is becoming increasingly hard for developers to capture the attention of consumers.

“Many developers are now using mobile advertising to drive downloads of their applications,” he continued. “Not only is this boosting sales of paid-for apps, it is also helping developers to monetise the traffic generated by their free applications. Mobile advertising benefits both consumers and developers as the ads will help consumers users find new apps, and developers can afford to invest more time producing and updating their applications.”

In the UK, 48.7% of ad requests came from Apple handsets, with 28.4% of ad requests came from the iPhone. Altogether, there were 282,493,761 ad requests from users in the UK. A huge 7,997,946,483 ad requests came from users around the world.

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