ApplianX Gateway for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Aculab, a provider of enabling technology and appliances for the global communications market, has announced ApplianX Gateway for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

ApplianX Gateway builds on the capabilities and benefits of the standard ApplianX IP Gateway. In addition to supporting a range of worldwide protocols and being easy to install and configure ApplianX Gateway incorporates the Mediation Server function of Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. The combination of these functions in a single ApplianX Gateway significantly lowers the total cost of ownership.

ApplianX Gateway is a basic-hybrid gateway, designed to run the Mediation Server function of Office Communications Server 2007 pre-installed within ApplianX Gateway. The Mediation Server provides high quality audio through the Microsoft RT Audio Codec and VoIP security features such as SRTP and TLS.

ApplianX Gateways support the broadest set of global telephony protocols including PRI/ISDN types; T1 robbed-bit; E1 CAS; R1; R2; AT&T and NI2. Enterprises can be confident that ApplianX Gateway supports the protocol needed to connect to the TDM network, wherever it is installed in the world. Comprehensive support for many PBX inter-working protocols including DPNSS and Q.SIG ensures investment in legacy PBXs can be protected and full advantage can be gained from Office Communications Server 2007.

“Microsoft has revealed a solid unified communications framework that enables information workers to communicate and collaborate within their familiar desktop and mobile applications across the modes of communication used most and integrated into everyday work processes. IP Gateways are the bridge linking legacy voice infrastructures to the new world of IP-based communications” said Faye McClenahan, Head of Strategic Marketing for Aculab. “The ApplianX Gateway for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 is a ‘single purpose device’ specifically designed and targeted at Office Communications Server 2007 and as a basic-hybrid gateway can significantly reduce the cost of deploying the system.”

“Aculab is building hardware that brings added value to enterprise communications software,” said Moz Hussain director, product management, Unified Communications Group, at Microsoft Corp. “Aculab believes in Microsoft’s vision for unified communications, and enabling people to find and collaborate with colleagues right from the applications they already know and use.”

ApplianX Gateway is available with two or four E1/T1 trunks. High availability is assured through the replication of critical components such as dual redundant Ethernet connections and power supplies, which come as standard.

ApplianX Gateway is an easy to deploy, standards-based SIP-to-TDM gateway, allowing enterprises to take full advantage of Office Communications Server 2007 in a mixed IP and TDM environment. Based on leading enabling technology from Aculab, ApplianX Gateway has been designed to help reduce operational costs, be easy to install and configure and have extensive resilience features – an excellent means to integrate with, and extend the life of, existing TDM-based equipment.

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