Apps unlock major earning potential for resellers

Mobile technology resellers are capitalising on pre-installed apps for valuable add-on sales.

A recently launched Android and Windows compatible app offers resellers extra earning potential for the duration of the commercial contract. Mymobileworkers is a pay-as-you-go workforce management app which tracks daily jobs and records job completion details.

Businesses using the app pay 25p-per-job and mymobileworkers offers resellers up to 40% of this every time the app is used. For example, a company using the app and employing 20 people with 20 jobs each per day could earn the reseller up to £40 per day from only one customer.

Mobile computing and automated data capture company, Renovotec began offering the mymobileworkers app pre-installed on their devices in September and has already reaped the benefits. Richard Gilliard, managing director of Renovotec said: “The app really appealed to us due to its simplicity and effectiveness. As we deal with a number of different customers in varying sectors, we like that it can be customised quickly and easily to fit their business model.

“The pay-as-you-go aspect suits our short term rentals where customers take products for periods of 30 days or less as it offers them the flexibility of using workforce management software without the usual minimum contract. It also brings our business a percentage every time the app is used which improves cash-flow.”

Graham Whistance, founder of Momote, the market-leading mobile software company behind the mymobileworkers app, said resellers are looking for new ways to add value both for their customers and themselves in terms of improved A.R.P.U He said: “The mobile market is ever-changing and the introduction of smart phones with pay as you go software has unlocked major earning potential and improved customer loyalty for resellers.

“Mymobileworkers app can be installed on the device before it’s even delivered to the customer meaning they can immediately get up and running using it.”

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