Appurity and WatchDox Target UK

Appurity has announced a partnership with WatchDox to provide secure enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) and mobile collaboration solutions to firms in the U.K.’s private and public sectors. WatchDox and Appurity enable corporations, legal firms, financial institutions and insurance agencies to benefit from mobile productivity without the risk of leaking confidential data, regardless of the device used to access the information.

Appurity’s focus on enterprise application delivery, management and control of mobile devices fosters productivity among employees whilst providing companies with the control and security they need to protect intellectual property.
The partnership with WatchDox offers enterprise workflow solutions and a data-centric security model for end-to-end mobile content management, enabling greater productivity through full editing, annotation and secure sharing of files across desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Through its work with WatchDox and mobile device management specialists such as MobileIron, Appurity provides mobile application security to the endpoint and ensures data remains secure regardless of the devices used to access it.
“Appurity is committed to building secure, optimised and mobile business networks that drive collaboration and workflow within today’s organisations, while liberating employees to work anywhere from any device,” said Steve Whiter, director of Appurity. “WatchDox is a prime fit for our customers thanks to its ability to protect intellectual property, provide application security across all users and devices, and enable greater teamwork within an organisation.”

Ryan Kalember, chief product officer at WatchDox, said, “Organisations need to secure their data, even if users access it from insecure devices or those devices fall into the wrong hands. Our partnership with Appurity ensures that the enterprise market – including legal, financial and insurance firms – has file-centric protection against data loss and uncontrolled file sharing, as well as the flexibility to support productive working environments.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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