APTARE StorageConsole Capacity Extends

APTARE now supports the HP 3PAR array as part of its StorageConsole Feature Pack Four. APTARE Capacity Manager enables CIOs and IT administrators to gain complete visibility into total storage capacity and storage utilisation across enterprise organisations. HP 3PAR customers using Capacity Manager can now easily access array executive summaries, utilisation summaries, array-specific analytics, chargebacks and performance reporting. Specifically, customers benefit from the following APTARE benefits:

Chargeback – by department, business unit, or geography (can be based on allocation or actual utilisation.

Reclamation – easily identify unused capacity and enable it to go back into the unused storage pool to be re-allocated, which reduces future storage purchases.

Re-tiering – easily identify storage that can meet SLAs on a lower storage tier, which reduces the annual cost of owning storage significantly.

Trending and forecasting – easily determine when your organisation will run out of storage, or need to purchase more and know how much more storage your organisation will need over time based on historical usage.

APTARE CEO Rick Clark said, “We’ve found that enterprises rely on HP 3PAR for its high-performance, thin-provisioning capabilities to ensure server volumes aren’t getting low on space. Now as part of the Capacity Manager functionality, customers can achieve enterprise-wide data management and reporting beyond what is included in the HP 3PAR software.”

Enterprise Storage Group Senior Analyst Bob Laliberte said, “It’s imperative for enterprises to deploy solutions that provide a realistic view of their storage environment. From primary storage through backup to disk or tape, APTARE’s StorageConsole provides comprehensive end-to-end visibility.” said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

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