Are you Delivering the Right Technology?

Three in four people over 35 prefer to make important calls from a fixed line, while just one in four of those under 35 agree, according to new research published recently.

The findings are part of the second Cellular and Land Line Attitudes Research (CaLLAR) Index, sponsored by East Sussex based communications provider Cellular Solutions.

Other statistics revealed in the poll of GB adults:

•Three in four (76%) people said that technology had helped them to take more control of their time.
•Seven in ten (71%) respondents in work said that 24/7 access to work communications helps them stay more in control of their workload
•Two in three people (66%) have overheard confidential discussions on mobile phones

Dan Gardner, Sales & Marketing Director of Cellular Solutions, explains the thinking behind the research, which is available as an infographic report through the company website and social media channels. “This is our second CaLLAR index and this one looks at how people feel about their mobile and fixed line phones. It offers genuine insight into how people use phones in 2015; there’s an emerging, age-dependent divergence in people’s attitudes. As the generation that we often hear described as ‘digital native’ – those born after around 1980 – reaches their mid-thirties and makes up more and more of the adult population, clear differences in phone etiquette, habits and general attitudes are developing.”

For the professional telecoms industry there is one stand out question that can be taken from the study. Are we delivering the right technologies, in the right way, to the right people? And for businesses of all sizes, the question should be, is your company getting the best from all of its employees? Is your company offering the choice that technology makes available in 2015?

Gardner sums it up when he says. “It’s clear that single solutions across a workforce won’t please everyone, but what is important is giving employees the right technology to do their job.”
The full research, which also includes further insight into the general public and worker’s relationship with telecoms technology, is available as an infographic report from the Cellular Solutions website.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine