Are you geared up for 2012 Olympics?

The most significant sporting event in the World is coming to the UK next year and the hotel industry is bracing itself for one of its busiest times ever. Tourists from all around the world will arrive and will naturally expect that they will be able to communicate with their friends and colleagues using their own mobile phone during their stay at their hotel.

But the reality is many hotels across the UK including London have poor mobile reception and not uncommonly some don’t have any mobile coverage at all. Poor signal coverage is not just a purely rural problem, many of the big City hotels are also suffering this fate.

Unsuspecting tourists of course won’t find this out until they arrive at their hotel, but for many business travellers, maintaining communication with their company and clients is paramount and if they end up in a hotel with poor or no mobile coverage it will reflect badly on the hotel and they may never return. It’s also unlikely that conference organisers will book hotels where the delegates can’t communicate with the outside world.

Hotels could be losing thousands of business users each year through lack of mobile coverage.

However, Cambridge based company Smarter Mobile, can help hotels identity this issue early on so as to maximise their occupancy rates by addressing their mobile coverage requirements. By undertaking a Smarter Survey, they will help Hotels identify poor coverage and so called “not” spots and give them a full coverage report and for those with satisfactory mobile reception a Smart Coverage “stamp of approval” so guests can have confidence they will remain in contact whilst at that Hotel.

Paul Wade, CEO of Smarter Mobile says, “Given the increasing importance of mobile connectivity, it is important to find out how good your coverage is within your specific location. Our Smarter Survey report will give you a full overview of the current signals within your hotel, and allow you to promote this as an added value to your customers, this will give business travellers the satisfaction of knowing that they will be able to carry about their business undisrupted”

Wade continues, “If the survey reveals that the mobile signals are poor, we can then advise your business on the alternative coverage solutions and assist with negotiations with the network providers to resolve coverage issues. We will also advise of the legalities of enhancing mobile signals.”

Indeed, a number of businesses have recently fallen foul of the OFCOM regulatory board, having been caught using illegal cell enhancers ,not being aware the use of such “boosters” are in fact illegal and libel to result in a fine or even imprisonment.

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