Arsenal FC sets the pace with NETconsent

Arsenal Football Club is implementing new ways to distribute corporate policies with advanced software from NETconsent. With match day revenues now exceeding £100 million and an increased level of credit card transactions within the high tech Emirates Stadium, the correct handling of data is paramount for the Club.

NETconsent allows policies, standards of conduct and customer data-handling procedures for some 400 staff to be communicated and controlled quickly and easily, with the added benefit of recording and reporting on employee’s understanding and acceptance of any changes.

Arsenal Football Club expects and requires all employees to adhere to the highest standards. “NETconsent will allow us to be certain that employees have read and importantly have understood those policies that are relevant to them,” said Paul Farmer, head of IT at Arsenal Football Club.

NETconsent will be used as a cost effective tool to handle PCI DSS policies and procedures. “NETconsent is not only a reliable means to disseminate our PCI policies and procedures, but will also simplify the process for reporting policy compliance in accordance with stringent PCI DSS regulations,” added Farmer. “Fines for non-compliance with PCI DSS regulations can be high, so NETconsent is an important part of our corporate strategy to get our customer data handling procedures absolutely right, to the benefit of both the Club and our supporters.”

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