Ashton Bentley Partner with Sedus

Ashton Bentley has announced a strategic partnership with Sedus a global office furniture manufacturer, who continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture.

Sedus will be a reseller of Ashton Bentley products and have just installed a Connect 2 Dual Display Videoconference system and tablefor7 in their London showroom.

More and more corporate end users are tired of complex and time wasting audio-visual technology, and require complete room systems that are simple to purchase, set-up and operate. Combining and integrating technology with furniture is a natural progression. Walk in and work.

Ashton Bentley’s Tony Leedham stated “we already have some integrated work tables in our range, however we are continually asked to supply different table configurations and chairs. Therefore, we wanted to establish a relationship with an office furniture supplier and Sedus have more than embraced our solutions. It was clear very quickly that we shared a common vision of combining style and functionality with technology to provide office based solutions that are easy to use. We are developing new solutions with Sedus to offer their clients more integrated technology, which is very exciting.”

Joint marketing and client education is the initial focus of the partnership to show users that it is no longer a major building project to have a sophisticated audio-visual environment complete with furniture installed.

“Our partnership with Ashton Bentley will offer significant value to new and existing customers. We are off the ground and running, with several key customers who have purchased open plan and meeting room solutions, both for the UK and Europe. Ashton Bentley and Sedus can supply different configurations and settings, that can be trialled in the workplace, with a couple of days notice”, commented Susan Hann, Managing Director Sedus UK.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine