Atos launches Atos OneCloud

Atos has launched a “one-stop shop” that it says will accelerate its clients’ migration to the cloud through offering industry specific go-to-market and organisation.

Atos OneCloud brings together business processes optimisation and application modernisation, making them more agile, more mobile, more data driven and more customer centric. The offering will be delivered through secure public, private or hybrid cloud environments. A dedicated investment of approximately €2 billion over the next five years will support delivery of those environments.

Atos said that Atos OneCloud aims to bring business outcomes to customers, adapted to their industry, answering their market challenges and fitting their cloud journey maturity which can be either foundational, opportunistic, strategic, or transformational. Atos OneCloud is designed as a modular approach, allowing customers to move their entire landscape to the Cloud or business building block by business building block.

Elie Girard, Atos CEO, explained, “We believe Cloud is more than ever the new normal for Digital and Atos is uniquely positioned to deliver the full value of Cloud to its clients. Atos OneCloud is the only solution on the market that blends industry customized consulting with application transformation expertise in an end-to-end set of services. It is the answer to help further accelerate clients’ digital transformation into secure and decarbonized Cloud environments. To drive improved business outcomes, each of our customers can now co-design their own Atos OneCloud Plan. Benefiting from a unique set of capabilities, this roadmap for enterprise transformation will be built and delivered end to end by Atos, with its powerful ecosystem of partners.”

Atos OneCloud combines a set of 10 offerings including: industry-specific consultancy, multi-cloud orchestration, automated management framework & architecture, a private & sovereign cloud platform, cloud application development, artificial intelligence & machine learning, cloud edge & far edge solutions, and cybersecurity.

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