Augmented reality for mobile advertising

Mediasight, the product development arm of the Captive Minds Communications Group, has announced the launch of a new mobile advertising technology that can be used to display objects in 3D hovering in ‘real space’.

Secondsight is based on a concept called Augmented Reality, where live video imagery is digitally processed and augmented by the addition of computer generated graphics. After a free application is pushed to the phone, users simply hold their phones over a specially coded square. Brands can instantly stream 3D reactive objects, video and audio, which is all displayed through the screen of the phone. The effect is reminiscent of the Princess Leia hologram scene in Star Wars, claimed the company.

The company hopes to introduce this technology to brand campaigns in the near future by making Mediasight a natural extension to print advertisements. They also believe walking tours could become a major market. Mediasight is working with its delivery partner, Blackridge, to further extend the technology and integrate it with GPS capabilities.

Secondsight is the first product to successfully generate Augmented Reality for a popular consumer mobile platform. The product was in development for 18 months before the launch of the Nokia N Series phones, and selected Nokia N Series handsets were the first phones on the market with sufficient graphic capabilities.

Secondsight is currently available for the Symbian platform with 220 million compatible phones worldwide. PSP and iPhone versions are planned soon. PC versions are already available.

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