AuthAnvil Launches MSP Protect For SECaaS Offering

Kaseya have announced AuthAnvil MSP Protect. Custom-built for MSPs, MSP Protect delivers security features aimed at safeguarding MSPs from the dire consequences of cyberattacks that can put them out of business.

With the recent targeting of MSPs by the Chinese hacker operation APT10, it’s become clear that customers of MSPs are increasingly at risk of a data breach. A resulting alert issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated that “some of the campaign victims [of APT10] have been IT service providers, where credential compromises could potentially be leveraged to access customer environments.” The DHS report goes on to state that “intrusions into these providers create opportunities for the adversary to leverage stolen credentials to access customer environments within the provider network.” The DHS statement also included a list of mitigation recommendations, which include two-factor authentication using out-of-band technology.

“As an MSP, our business reputation is as important as the services we deliver to our customers,” said Chuck Bubeck, CEO of Ease Technologies. “Our clients rely on us to keep our own environment as secure as possible, and AuthAnvil enables us to do just that. By leveraging Kaseya’s MSP Protect strategy, we are able to use a layered security approach that focuses on and addresses each type of security threat. With AuthAnvil in place, we’re confident that we’ve taken the necessary steps to avoid becoming the next security breach headline.”

AuthAnvil offers a suite of functionality developed to protect MSPs, while also allowing MSPs to easily create a Security as a Service (SECaaS) offering to grow their businesses. AuthAnvil also offers identity and access security solution on the market to offer integrations with MSP tools such as Kaseya, ConnectWise, Autotask, Labtech, N-able, IT Glue and Continuum.

Jim Lippie, general manager, cloud computing of Kaseya, commented, “AuthAnvil MSP Protect was created to make it easy for our customers to perform the formidable task of protecting their critical systems and data. In a time when the threat of cyberattacks has never been greater, it’s imperative that MSPs choose the right solution to secure their investments. That’s why we thoughtfully developed MSP Protect to cater to the specific requirements of our MSPs, and also provided an opportunistic solution that can enable them to grow their bottom line.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine