Automated Quoting Tool Deemed a Channel Hit

Since its launch in August Virtual1 has seen fantastic uptake of their automated MPLS quoting and ordering tool with over 70 partners already adopting it, raising more than 650 quotes.

Quoting through 1Portal dramatically reduces the time to deliver an MPLS solution down to just a few minutes.

By automating quotes in 1Portal, Virtual1 captures essential detail that speeds up the ordering process further down the line, reducing the time to realise revenue, as well as eradicating human error in the quote to delivery journey.

In addition to the quoting on the connectivity involved, wider solutions and use cases include:

•Quickly produce multiple versions of the same solution to look at different bandwidth combinations
•Full and clear break down of all components and costs
•Additional services such as central internet break out, SIP Exchange or private access to Public Cloud providers
•Automatic visual rendering of a solution so it can easily be discussed with end customers

A spokesperson for Virtual1 commented “We are on the verge of deploying our 3rd additional feature release, which will allow Partners to further define the logical network setup like VPN’s, VLAN’s, bandwidth splits and quality of service. It was also score the resiliency of each customer site in the solution, so you can easily pinpoint any areas for upsell.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine