Automation is key to reseller profitability

The way for resellers to remain profitable in a downturn is through efficiency – and automation is the key.

That’s according to RedcastleCRM whose business management product is saving resellers thousands of pounds at a time when, for many, every penny counts.

“In the current climate, resellers need to find efficiencies, improvements in productivity and cost-savings in order to remain profitable,” says Phil Morris at Redcastle. “Most of all, resellers want automation: they want everything done seamlessly and quickly with as few mouse clicks as possible”.

One leading reseller is already enjoying such benefits. “One of our customers told us they are saving around £80,000 a year by using the Redcastle business management solution. In addition to daily practical and procedural benefits, the company is saving a fortune by not having to hire additional staff to input new business data because our product does it automatically”.

Redcastle business management products have been developed specifically for Voice, Data and Mobile resellers, dealers, VARs and Integrators. Powerful and proven, the solution handles all key operations and processes, from customer and supplier databases to pre-sales, quote generation, sales, installation, stock inventory, contracts and billing, post-sales and support.

“For VARs and Integrators, the system offers automatic alert and renewal of support and maintenance contracts. It can also handle orders or projects involving multiple suppliers and generate multiple purchase orders, with a single click. The Redcastle solution for mobile resellers, for example, includes automatic rebates, stock allocation, product returns, order cancellations that automatically put items back into stock, credit notes, etc.

“The solution is modular so channel companies can pick & mix between core functions to create a ‘best fit’ for their particular operations. Every reseller has their own individual priorities and approach and Redcastle products have the functionality to accommodate this”.

Says Morris: “The systems within a company govern and ultimately determine the worth of the business. If systems and procedures are inefficient, and a barrier to productivity, they will ultimately prevent the company growing and realizing its potential”.

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