Avanquest & Xerox Grow Sales Opportunities

The partnership between Avanquest Solutions and Xerox, established at the beginning of 2007 with the aim of jointly leveraging new business opportunities, seems to have gone from strength to strength.

Through a series of webinars, focusing on FoIP (fax over IP) technology and the flexibility of Avanquest’s software solutions combined with Xerox technologies, the webinars have enabled Xerox sales staff to fully appreciate the potential of joint business opportunities and allow customers to understand and appreciate the full benefits of deploying end-to-end solutions that offer cost reductions and improved operational efficiencies.

As FoIP continues to grow, enterprises are increasingly faced with the puzzling question of what to do with their fax equipment. The webinars were designed to educate participants with the practical knowledge needed to help create a comprehensive plan to migrate all fax services from standalone analogue machines to an Integrated FoIP solution using Xerox MFD’s and Captaris RightFax.

Todd Curtis, Xerox Alliance Manager at Avanquest, comments “Captaris RightFax forms a major part of Avanquest Solutions corporate portfolio, integrating with core business applications to automate the flow of faxes, paper and electronic documents. FoIP technology now gives organisations the opportunity to significantly reduce those fax bills and increase further the security and control over sensitive fax data. Our webinars address these issues and focus on the benefits of Integrating Xerox MFD’s with RightFax.”

At the first of the 30 minute FoIP webinars, presented by Mike Rae, Sales Director at Avanquest, which was solely for the 44 Xerox sales staff who had registered, Salesmen Stephen Evans and Bob Cochrane won the Sat Navs that were on offer – just for pre-registering for the webinar!

At the next webinar, which was also attended by customers, Hilary Ramsden from Bedford Hospital NHS Trust and Enrico Buglione from Xerox won the same prizes.

Avanquest plans to hold further FoIP webinars throughout the year for both customers and resellers.

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