Avaya Streamlines Channel Programme

Avaya has announced a new streamlined channel programme which aims to equip partners with the necessary skills to thrive in a software and services industry and provide greater rewards for demonstrating customer centricity by delivering exceptional value.

This new programme — Avaya EdgeSM — has been designed to ensure partners possess the expertise required to provide the transformative solutions customers need in the digital marketplace.

Key elements of the program include:

Simplified Structure: Streamlined requirements and new gem designation levels—Diamond, Sapphire and Emerald—reduce complexity and the resources needed for partners to manage the program. For example, the Avaya Edge reduces the amount of time partners previously required to complete credentials by up to 50%, and partner co-delivery performance metrics have been reduced 56%.

Greater Benefits: Partners are now compensated for a broader scope of revenue, including not only hardware/product sales as well as recurring services and software. In addition, new incentives will reward partners for strategic areas of achievement, such as customer value, growth and new product adoption.

Flexibility: The new programme is better structured to accommodate and adapt to ever-changing industry, customer and partner dynamics. The introduction of five partner tracks aligns with their go-to-market model, and maps partner revenue targets and rewards based on track and geographic region.

The new programme is in effect as of October 1, 2016. To support the transition, existing authorized partners are evaluated under both the previous and new programmes and awarded at the higher level for the first six months.

Dan Silverman, Chairman, PCC Americas and President, Telanet Canada Inc, commented, “Like many organizations today operating in a rapidly evolving environment, Avaya is updating its channel partner program to one that is more in line with the world of software and services. The company has worked diligently with key partners, including the Avaya Partner Community Council, to ensure partners are kept abreast of the plan as it develops and have the opportunity for feedback. This open communication has been important to ensuring the new “Edge” program is a change for the better and its success. Telanet and PCC Americas are glad to have been part of this process.”

Tim Banting, Principal Analyst – Collaboration and Communications, Current Analysis added, “The communications industry has moved towards a software-based approach and away from bespoke PBXs. Vendors that utilize channels as a primary route to market need to focus on helping their partners to reinvent themselves to meet their customers’ needs. Avaya’s new Edge program is an example of a vendor that is re-orienting its partners by monitoring how the industry is transforming, responding to customer feedback, and evolving their programs accordingly. Consequently, this approach enhances Avaya’s partners’ ability to compete and differentiate in the marketplace.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine