Avaya Target 100-500 users with MultiVantage Express

With the old SDX Index set for retirement next month Avaya needed a replacement product to sit in the space vacated – enter Multivantage Express.

Launched today, Avaya say MultiVantage Express is a unique, “all-in-one” solution that brings greater mobility and intelligent communications to mid-size businesses.

“MultiVantage Express packs Avaya’s industry-leading, IP telephony-based technology and functionality – including mobility, voice mail, conferencing, call centre and more – into a single-server solution that is easy to install, manage and maintain.”

Targeted for companies and organisations with 100 to 500 employees, the company believes MultiVantage Express can help companies improve customer service, employee productivity and collaboration – while reducing or eliminating the complexity of configuring and managing with sophisticated communications. Each per-user license covers all the communications applications integrated into MultiVantage Express, including Avaya Communications Manager IP telephony software, Avaya’s mobility applications, messaging, six-party conferencing, auto-attendant, desktop and software-based telephones and more.

“Avaya MultiVantage Express is the only communications solution on the market that puts so much functionality in the hands of mid-sized businesses with so much simplicity,” said Andreas von Meyer zu Knonow, Avaya’s vice president of global product solutions, EMEA. “No other solution offers the built-in mobility solutions that extend calls to cell phones or transform PCs into voice communications endpoints, plus all the other applications that MulitVantage Express puts in a single server.”

With MultiVantage Express, integrated mobility features provide end-users with the Avaya one-X experience, allowing employees to tap the same communications, tools and information needed to get their jobs done when outside the office. Workers can have full communications functionality in the office, from a customer location, hotel or home. Customers and colleagues can dial a single number to reach employees through their desktop, cell phone or PC-based softphone, speeding both responsiveness and decision making. In addition, MultiVantage Express supports up to four locations with gateways and many more via direct connection to IP telephones, enabling companies to become more cohesive, virtual organisations while providing greater flexibility to shape how, where, and when employees work to be optimally effective.

MultiVantage Express also allows mid-sized businesses to incorporate IP telephony via the path and pace that is most comfortable to them. Businesses can choose digital, analog or IP endpoints – or any combination – within a single network.

A company using Avaya MultiVantage Express is Pennine Telecom Ltd, a reseller of communications equipment and an Avaya Business Partner based in Manchester, in the UK. MultiVantage Express has helped them reduce administration and management demands on their company’s IT staff during implementation, while providing new mobility and customer service capabilities to its employees.

“Avaya MultiVantage Express gave us a solution that was cost-effective and easy to deploy, and offered a compelling reason to upgrade our system,” said Andrew Roberts, managing director of Pennine Telecom Ltd. “With this solution, our sales staff have fast access to advanced mobility capabilities whether they work from home or on the road. And our help desk personnel can more efficiently serve customers through an easy-to-use Softphone linked to our service database. This gives mid-sized companies a true competitive advantage.”

Built-in contact centre routing and reporting enable businesses to align customers with agent skill sets and availability. In addition, the ability to support a distributed workforce means that MultiVantage Express overcomes the typical limits of location and simply delivers the call to the best suited, available agent. Reporting features provide managers with visibility into current and historical agent and call activities.

Avaya BusinessPartners also played a key role in the development of Avaya MultiVantage Express, providing concept and design input through field trial execution.

“Avaya MultiVantage Express was created with input from Avaya BusinessPartners throughout the development process,” said John Black, president, Catalyst. “As the primary conduit to the customer, Avaya BusinessPartners have first hand knowledge of what the mid-sized business is seeking. From all angles, this is a winning play and one that drives real partnership.”

The solution is scheduled to be globally available in June through Avaya BusinessPartners, and to be available in EMEA via all channels.

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