Avaya Unveils Intelligent Presence Technology for Real-time Business

Avaya has introduced Intelligent Presence which they describe as being breakthrough software that drives greater precision, speed and collaboration using presence-based, real-time communications. Avaya Intelligent Presence collects and integrates presence information from multiple sources for a richer view of a worker’s status that can be supplied to both individuals and business applications to improve collaboration and business execution.

Avaya says that Intelligent Presence solves the challenge of integrating diverse sources of presence information from different vendor platforms using multiple protocols. Intelligent Presence aggregates telephony, desktop and application presence information from Avaya and third party sources, such as those from Microsoft, IBM and others, and bridges industry standard protocols including SIP/SIMPLE and XMPP.

This multi-vendor, multi-protocol support provides the most comprehensive information about a user’s availability. The more holistic the view of the employee’s presence, the more accurate the contact between employees, customers, partners and suppliers can be – and ultimately more useful in supporting presence-aware applications.

“Intelligent Presence will power real-time business communications – eliminating barriers to responsiveness such as location, time of day, type of network, platform, channel or device,” said Stuart Wells, senior vice president and president, Global Communications Solutions, Avaya. “Avaya Intelligent Presence is at the heart of enabling presence-aware communications and applications that bring new levels of collaboration among workers and competitive advantage for businesses.”

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