Avenir Telecom reduces customer churn on O2

In October 2009, Avenir Telecom and its dealer base reduced customer churn on O2 connections to just 8%. Avenir’s churn rate has been steadily declining each month over the past 12 months and is set to fall even lower in the coming months. This single-digit result is believed to be the lowest sustainable figure achieved by any distributor of Avenir’s size in the UK mobile marketplace.

“Churn has been the industry buzzword all year,” remarked Avenir Telecom’s managing director, Andy Tow. “We’ve been working tremendously hard with our dealers on this, specifically with our dedicated customer retention team, which is about to celebrate its first anniversary. So it’s great to come to the end of the year with proof that our efforts are working, and that we’re leading the game.”

“Avenir has a whole team of staff dedicated to working with dealers, and partnering with operators, to tackle retention,” Tow explained. “The team works both proactively and reactively. On the reactive side, they can quickly set up manufacturer visits to customers should they be needed. On the proactive side, they work with operators and dealers to specifically identify and market to wavering customers, both in and out of contract.”

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