Aviannegreen Cleans Up

Having taken nearly a year to produce a high grade all in one anti-bacterial/anti-microbial and anti- viral equipment cleansing flannel, aviannegreen has recently launched their stubbi tub, tubbi tub and heavi tub solution for all work station environments and specifically contact centre users.

Aviannegreen can be obtained from all major voice distributors and has already been recognised for its quality and cleansing ability, both here in the UK and through its partners in Europe and Scandinavia.

Director, Robin Horsham says, “With 30 years experience in the industry, we identified a market opportunity for a hi-grade office environment, work station and headset cleanser. It has been an interesting learning curve stated Horsham, but when we started shipping pallet quantities via our chosen distributors, we knew we had it right. With rules governing duty of care for the employee and the increasing potential of litigation, the need to develop a cleansing regime within the contact centre/office environment becomes ever more important.”

Aviannegreen are so concerned about the issues of bacterial spread, that they have recently introduced a free service to contact centre and office environments that via a palm held monitor are able to determine the amount of particles prior to the aviannegreen equipment flannel eradicating them.

“No contact centre/facility manger can afford to ignore the issues that arise from turning a blind eye over cleanliness, particularly headset cleanliness.

With microbiologists confirming that a combination of constant handling, combined with the heat generated from the body creates a primary breeding ground for all sorts of micro-organisms that are normally found on the skin. Micro biota’s are normally harmless and may be beneficial in their normal locations, but can cause disease conditions under the right circumstances. However, there are many less friendly bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus which can cause illness from pimples and boils (particularly round ear and cheek area) and in extreme cases pneumonia leading to meningitis which is a close relative of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus better known as MRSA.

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