Avnet Technology Solutions Joins NVIDIA

Avnet Technology Solutions today announced that it has joined the NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Partner program to help high-performance computing (HPC) customers drive business growth in expanding industries, including life sciences, finance, oil and gas and manufacturing.

The Tesla Preferred Partner program is a sales, marketing and business development program for VARs, OEMs and ODMs that are driving the growth of the HPC market. As a program member, Avnet will provide partners and resellers across EMEA with advanced server and workstation platforms with the new NVIDIA Tesla K20 family of GPU accelerators, which are based on the next-generation NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU computing architecture.

Rajesh Suman, vice president of computer components, Avnet Technology Solutions, EMEA, commented, “Joining the NVIDIA partner program expands our ability to provide resellers and partners with solutions that improve application performance up to several orders of magnitude faster, addressing some of the most challenging computational tasks such as processing financial trades, gridding oil in the sea and evaluating solar systems”.

“Our channel partners can also leverage our extensive portfolio of complementary off-the-shelf components, distribution and integration services to improve time to market adding significant value to their business,” Suman added.

Optimised for specialised markets that rely on extremely high throughput processing, NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU accelerators offer unprecedented application performance by offloading compute-intensive parallel portions of a running application to the GPU, while the remainder of the serial code runs on the central processing unit (CPU). Other advanced features include: Dynamic Parallelism, Hyper-Q and Error-Correcting Code memory for improved reliability and accuracy in data centres, GPU system management and monitoring to increase the efficiency of cluster/grid solutions, flexible programming environments with broad support for a multitude of programming languages and application programming interfaces.

“The Tesla Preferred Partner program enables partners to provide specialised GPU-accelerated computing solutions to address the growing demand for GPU-based HPC technology in the science and manufacturing industries,” said Walter Mundt-Blum, vice president of professional solutions, EMEA, at NVIDIA. “We look forward to working with Avnet to deliver Tesla-based HPC solutions to a broad range of new customers across EMEA.”

The NVIDIA Tesla Preferred Partner program represents a select group of organisations around the world committed to advancing HPC across a range of scientific and engineering fields. As a new program member, Avnet will receive a number of benefits, including early access to NVIDIA products, sales and marketing tools and support, technical support and training programs.

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