Avnet Technology Solutions UK Extends Service Offerings

DDoS Attack Control Service for Enterprise Datacentres

Avnet Technology Solutions, the global IT solutions distribution provider and an operating group of Avnet, Inc., has launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack control service for UK business partners to take to their mid-market enterprise datacentre customers. Working with DDoS mitigation supplier, Webscreen Systems Limited, Avnet business partners in the UK can now offer a four hour response to a DDoS attack to enterprise datacentres.

Bruce Hockin, head of solutions strategy, Avnet Technology Solutions UK said, “DDoS attacks are becoming more commonplace and no longer just target telecom carriers, major corporations and government departments and agencies. Avnet has produced a four hour response DDoS attack control service for organisations with mid-sized datacentres which are open to attack. A consistent denial of service can seriously damage any company and a method to quickly deal with such attacks provides an important element of protection to organisations faced with the possibility of lost revenues or service.”

The new DDoS attack control service is designed for organisations that want to protect themselves against the damage caused by a DDoS attack without the need for high capital expenditure and the maintenance of a DDoS mitigation system. For an annual fee, paid out of operational expenditure, organisations will receive 24x7x365 rapid response. In the event of a malicious DDoS attack, an engineer will be available to arrive on site equipped with Webscreen technology to deal with the situation, while ensuring legitimate and priority network users are unaffected.”

Bruce Hockin continued, “Avnet business partners will benefit from the ability to sell a service directly to their customers to generate repeatable revenue with healthy margins. Mid-market enterprise datacentres will benefit from the knowledge that in the event of a DDoS attack an engineer would be on site within four hours to deal with the situation. The new service offering will be of particular interest to existing Avnet business partners specialising in networking and security, giving them an additional opportunity to help their customers reduce exposure and lower risk from a DDoS attack.”

Paul Bristow, chief operating officer of Webscreen Systems Limited concluded, “At Webscreen, we focus on developing the very best DDoS hardware, software and services for our customers and partners, ensuring that our products evolve to accommodate the ever changing market demands. Partnering with Avnet was a simple decision as we share a common ethos for delivering the very best solutions. The four hour response DDoS attack control service provides Avnet business partners with a cost effective, “peace of mind” solution against the ever growing threat of a DDoS attack.”

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