AVST Debuts New TUI To Replace Legacy Voice Mail

UC solutions vendor Applied Voice & Speech Technologies has announced new CallXpress functionality which emulates the Nortel Meridian Mail telephone user interface (TUI). This new functionality ensures simple, seamless and timely migration as customers replace their first generation voice mail systems and begin their move to a next generation unified communications solution.

AVST say that as first generation voice mail offerings continue to reach end-of-life, companies look to unified communications solutions as a logical replacement. AVST continues with its corporate initiative to emulate the TUI interface of legacy voice mail systems, offering a transparent and painless migration path for companies making the switch to unified communications.

CallXpress is designed for businesses seeking to integrate or migrate their voice mail systems. Many companies are facing the issue of integrating various voice mail systems at multiple locations. CallXpress integrates with multiple TUI’s at multiple locations to work seamlessly together, transparent to its users.

“The Nortel Meridian Mail emulation reinforces AVST’s ongoing commitment to address the needs of organisations’ rapid replacement of legacy voice mail systems,” said Tom Minifie, AVST’s Vice President of Product Management. “In addition, we continue to see customers starting their IP Telephony migration projects. With over 250 traditional and IP PBX integrations in our library and the ability to support multiple integrations on the same system, CallXpress is the ideal application to bridge new capabilities such as IP telephony, mobility, and unified messaging.”

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