AVST Launches Callxpress 7.80

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies (AVST) has upgraded its flagship unified communications (UC) solution, CallXpress. Featuring increased compatibility with existing communications systems, the new features found in CallXpress 7.80 are specifically designed to speed the implementation and improve the administration and maintenance of a business’ communication system. The new version is ideal for enterprise-size companies actively seeking to replace their first generation infrastructure.

AVST say that as more and more first generation communications systems are reaching end-of-life, corporate decision-makers are evaluating their communications applications roadmap, looking towards IP telephony and advanced messaging and call processing solutions. CallXpress 7.80 positions AVST with a ‘best in class’ unified messaging and voice application that features increased compatibility with existing communications networks.

“Corporate IT managers are faced with a range of implementation and integration issues as they consider and adopt new technologies,” said AVST’s Vice President of Product Management, Tom Minifie. “Whether a company is looking to upgrade its existing infrastructure or install a completely new system, our primary objective is to make it as easy as possible for companies to benefit from the CallXpress unified communications applications in support of their communications migration strategy.”

With a global customer base exceeding 35,000 systems installed worldwide, AVST has a product release strategy that takes into consideration not only industry trends and product vision but also customer requested enhancements. CallXpress 7.80 was developed to enable AVST to continue in its tradition of offering quick and painless conversions from legacy voice mail systems to its next generation UC platform. Through additional enhancements to its collection of user interface emulations, AVST uniquely offers the benefits of UC with minimal training and interfaces that are already familiar to users.

More specifically, CallXpress 7.80 emulates the Avaya Intuity AUDIX user interface, joining previous support for Octel Aria, Octel Serenade and Mitel NuPoint with Centigram interfaces. Most message recording and message management functions have been emulated, leaving user preferences and phone manager functions in the CallXpress interface. Additionally, the new version includes enhanced addressing functionality, supporting multiple dialling prefix numbers. This new capability results in the ability to mimic the dialling plans and network addressing of existing voice mail network deployments.

“Corporate decision makers facing communications infrastructure upgrades need to take a number of variables into consideration,” said Krithi Rao, Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst. “The decision of a platform hinges on several criteria, which includes, whether or not it will support technologies of the future, if the existing infrastructure can still be maintained and how easily users will adapt. AVST is addressing the needs of the market with CallXpress, by supporting more switch types and user emulations than any product in its class.”

CallXpress 7.80 includes enhanced support for message waiting indication whereby CallXpress can support multiple lights for a single mailbox. This capability is ideal for manager – assistant applications, and for users that have multiple phones. CallXpress 7.80 also makes maintenance easier for IT administrators through increased archive capacity and improved troubleshooting diagnostics. These changes provide administrators with an increase in productivity when managing a single CallXpress, as well as a network of distributed systems.

“Our goal for CallXpress is to continue in our tradition of offering the best of UC for businesses of all sizes,” added Minifie. “AVST’s responsiveness to its wide base of resellers and customers results in product designs that put the IT manager’s mind at ease. CallXpress 7.80 is not only a leader on the feature / functionality grid, it is also the most flexible product in this space from an IT deployment standpoint. IT managers can build CallXpress into their communications roadmap and rely on our solution to fit in with their current IT infrastructure, while having the flexibility to dramatically change their deployment in the future.”

As a UC solution, CallXpress enables users to have access to voice, fax and e-mail messages in a single e-mail inbox. CallXpress supports hundreds of legacy, digital and IP switches and is designed to deliver varying levels of communications functionality to different segments of the workforce on an “à la carte” basis, significantly reducing company-wide licensing costs while ensuring that employees get the best communications technology for their individual requirements today. Having built upon one of the most mature and innovative unified communications solutions in the market, AVST has designed CallXpress to help employees communicate and collaborate more productively and effectively regardless of their physical location.

CallXpress 7.80 is available now through AVST’s established reseller channels.

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