AVST Launches Lead Distribution Application For Reseller Partners

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies (AVST), a supplier of unified communications solutions for businesses has launched a lead distribution and tracking software application for its channel partners. The application, called LeadXpress, supports the sales and marketing efforts of qualified AVST resellers by matching them with the most appropriate leads and allowing them to track progress with those leads in a central location.

LeadXpress represents the integration of PartnerXpress, AVST’s reseller web portal, with Salesforce.com, the market and technology leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM). The integration enables qualified resellers to directly access AVST’s leads through PartnerXpress from Salesforce.com. The process allows each lead generated through AVST’s worldwide customer base to be routed to a single reseller through bi-directional data exchange and contact-driven e-mail creation and delivery.

The integration of Salesforce.com with PartnerXpress is powered by DBAmp/Pro from forceAMP.com. “LeadXpress is the perfect example of how enterprises are using our Salesforce.com integration technology to improve business and sales processes within their organisations,” said Bill Emerson, President of forceAMP.com.

All information gathered within LeadXpress is automatically updated in Salesforce.com’s CRM application, allowing AVST to use the application to see an up-to-date view of the entire lead qualification process. With automatically delivered e-mail notifications, alerts and reports resellers are better able to manage their leads through the sales process and AVST can tie each lead to revenue.

According to Denny Michael, AVST Vice President of Marketing, “LeadXpress is an aggressive step forward for lead generation tracking and management solutions and is much different from the common ‘shark-tank’ lead generation processes that exist in other reseller structures. By contrast, our program assigns geographically targeted leads and provides one-to-one assignments eliminating the need to fight for leads that haven’t already been touched.”

Committed to arming resellers with the most up-to-date tools and strategies for sales success, AVST has built LeadXpress from the ground up to provide resellers with a solution for accessing qualified sales leads quickly. The new application is supported by a variety of tools and resources that AVST makes available to its resellers through PartnerXpress.

“PartnerXpress is the means by which our resellers access all of the tools and resources that we have developed to support the sales process,” added Michael. “PartnerXpress is a comprehensive portal by which our resellers have access to a variety of tools including configuration models, white papers, data sheets, webinars, RSS feeds and more. Now with LeadXpress, resellers also have access to targeted, qualified sales leads.”

In addition, LeadXpress provides AVST with the mechanism to track and monitor qualified leads to ensure that each lead is addressed in a timely manner. AVST takes a hands-on approach to the sales process and now can evaluate the success of every program that is launched and every lead that is generated as a result of those programs.

“We are excited to offer a unique level of sophistication to the channel process by arming our resellers with superior tools to make them successful,” added Michael. “Building a tighter connection to our reseller community, LeadXpress allows us to work together with the channel on the lead flow process, resulting in more efficient, cost-saving sales activities.”

AVST sells its unified communications solutions solely through the channel, boasting a strong network of distribution partners as well as more than 200 independent resellers worldwide. AVST’s flagship technology platform, CallXpress®, delivers advanced unifying communications capabilities that are designed for companies of all sizes. The solution combines voice, fax and email messages in one system and makes them accessible via telephone, wireless device or computer.

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