Award Winning SAGE Reseller ISM offers Securstore Cloud Backup to its USA Customers

ISM has today partnered with Securstore to provide its customers Securstore’s Public Cloud Backup Platform. With six operational locations spread across the USA, 30 staff and over 500 clients, the benefits of including an add-value service like Securstore’s in its portfolio strengthens ISM’s relationship with its customers that are looking to protect their mission critical data.

In addition to SAGE, ISM offers Document Management, Business Intelligence and E-Commerce solutions. Its experience in the field spans over five years and its recognition includes the Million Dollar Club and Presidents Circle Awards. With a strong reputation in the market, ISM needed to align itself with a recognised service provider that could help fulfil strict customer requirements on backup without jeopardising quality and support.

Securstore provides Cloud Backup for businesses worldwide through an agentless Asigra-powered solution that complies with all major global standards and regulations like HIPAA, SOX and FIPS 140-2 certification. Its emphasis is always on recovery so even single files or individual emails can be saved if disaster strikes. Securstore’s approach provides real value and avoids escalating costs or inefficient data recovery. With Securstore, data is always encrypted at flight and rest via 256 AES Encryption to guarantee the end user’s security.

BJ O’Reilly, President of ISM, said, “We did extensive market research into backup providers. There are many that sound like they offer an excellent product; however when you investigate further into these companies and their solutions, you quickly find out not everything is at it seems. Securstore, being ISO 27001 certified and accredited by the ANAB, were very professional in their approach and gave the best proposition for our customer base in terms of credibility, support and meeting client’s budgetary needs.”

Moving from tape based or other forms of in-house backup to offsite can be a culture shift for many organisations. Securstore focuses on education to inform end users what the real value and benefits are from a 24/7 automated solution where information is stored in a secure data centre with full management and monitoring. Securstore helps negate customer bandwidth restrictions by compressing and de-duplicating data at the source before sending only delta block changes incrementally after the initial master backup, which is captured by safely couriering a free disk.

This leaves resources and staff to be allocated elsewhere leading to greater investment into a business which otherwise would not have been available. With Securstore’s solution able to support Windows, Mac, Linux, SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, VMware, laptops and remote mobile devices, it is fully scalable to suit any IT infrastructure.

Saaher Muzafer, CSO of Securstore, said, “We are extremely pleased to welcome ISM as our new partner in the USA. Its niche offering combined with our backup service makes it a complimentary fit for their customers who want to protect their data. Cloud Backup in the current climate is all about protecting an entire business and not just data. If crucial information cannot be retrieved the business will cease to function and therefore any downtime would result in lesser productivity and huge impacts on revenue.”

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