Axiametrics Launch Call Centre Staff Assessment Profile

AxiaMetrics LLP, the people assessment experts, has launched the Axia Profile, an online service based on the science of Axiology, which measures a person’s values and therefore the way they think and make decisions.

AxiaMetrics has used the Axia Profile to develop a new call centre-specific competency modelling technology which can identify the required traits and values that differentiate an organisation’s elite sales performers. The technology provides businesses with detailed information on individuals in order to help them recruit and develop top-level call centre team members.

The underlying science behind this type of profiling, Axiology, is already widely and successfully used in the United States by the following companies: AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Ford Motor Company, Goldman Sachs, Hospital Corporation of America, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Texaco The Federal Aviation Authority and Xerox.

AxiaMetrics is the first company to bring this type of employee profiling and competency modelling to the UK market. It provides a vast range of ‘people solutions’ to businesses helping them recruit, develop and retain their employee base. It helps the firm grow the business through utilising proven scientific identification of employees’/prospective employees’ values and talents.

Nigel Griffiths, Partner of AxiaMetrics LLP, commented: “Naturally, in these difficult economic times there is huge focus on productivity and results from all call centre teams. What business would not like the secret to consistently replicating their elite sales performers?

“This new call centre staff profiling tool from AxiaMetrics is designed to ensure firms have the right person in the right job all the time. By identifying the specific talents and values that it takes to be an elite performer in their call centre team, firms will be able to raise the bar for recruiting and developing staff that have all the necessary qualities to work efficiently, effectively and profitability in these roles. Because this technology has been successfully developed and used extensively within the US we know that firms using the tool will be quickly able to quantify its benefits through significant ‘business acceleration’ derived from the upswing in conversion performance across their team and also significantly reduced employee attrition rates.

“Our range of reports, generated from a single profile, provide employers with a huge advance from the archaic psychometric testing which compartmentalises people into pre-defined standard groups through blind corroboration and anecdote. The outputs from the Axia Profile are designed to provide tailored and specific information which highlights an individual’s access to talent and other critical issues which may help or hinder them in a specific role. These outputs can be clearly understood by the employer and used in order to ensure they are the ‘right fit’ for the organisation. Understandably as this type of profiling is set to revolutionise the way UK businesses assess and develop their staff, no call centre manager will want to be beaten to its implementation by their competitors.”

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