Azlan Aiming To Help Resellers Broaden Their Horizons

Distributor Azlan is aiming to help resellers broaden their horizons by meeting the needs of the growing number of end customers that want to purchase solutions for delivery and deployment in more than one country.

Through a series of communications and activities, Azlan is underlining the unique capabilities of its International Business Team (IBT), which provides a single point of contact for resellers who need to do deliver projects in multiple countries. It delivers consistent, reliable, compliant, efficient and cost-effective solutions for the international business needs of resellers across the whole of Europe.

Jan Van Springel, Director Enterprise International Business for Azlan, says that with more end customers now asking for services that meet multinational requirements, it’s important to make sure that resellers know about the capabilities of the IBT.

“The IBT is a valuable resource that enables our reseller partners to conduct business in an efficient and effective way across several countries. By acting as the focal point for all communications and interactions and making use of their unique skill-sets and knowledge of international business processes and trading regulations, they enable resellers to meet the needs of the growing number of end-user organisations that now want the same solutions delivered to the same standards and procedures in several countries. Quite simply, without expertise and assistance of the Azlan IBT, this is something most resellers could not do effectively.”

The IBT gives resellers all the benefits of the specialist service and support that Azlan is renowned for providing in all countries in which it operates, and take full advantage of the its tremendous pan-European purchasing power, stock-holding and logistics capabilities. The team is multi-lingual and used to dealing with complex import-export laws and movement of goods between different countries.

Van Springel adds: “With the Azlan IBT, resellers get the all the benefit of our long experience and knowledge of the European and international markets. We understand how the systems and processes work at every level, we have strong and well-established relationships with vendors, and we have tremendous experience of meeting the needs of reseller businesses that trade throughout Europe. All of that makes Azlan a great partner and means we can make a real difference for any reseller that needs to do business in several countries throughout Europe or beyond.”

The IBT has multiple operating models which are highly adaptable. It can work entirely on a centralised level or with reseller country operations on an individual basis, co-ordinating activities at the centre. Delivery, invoicing and other procedural elements of projects can also tailored to fit customer requirements.

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