Azlan Predicts HP Surge

Azlan is predicting a positive response and uptake for the new HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual throughout 2015. With the launch of the ConvergedSystem 200-HC, HP is signalling the end of virtualised infrastructures in which the server, storage and software were purchased separately and then brought together, to one in which the whole solution comes ready-made as a fully integrated system.

Aimed at businesses with up to 250 seats, at a stroke, it expands the potential available market for virtualised solutions, says Jonathan Kaiser, Head of Product for Azlan’s HP Enterprise Group. “The HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC is a totally and truly converged environment that is ready to go out of the box. That makes it easier to sell and deploy – and more affordable. It will be an easier decision to make for customers and will bring many more prospects – who might have otherwise looked at lower cost options that would not deliver the same level of functionality – into the frame. It’s a really great opportunity.”

Azlan’s specialist HP team will be offering multi-level support on the new HP ConvergedSystem, enabling resellers to quickly attain the level of pre-sales support they need to win business. Azlan will be arranging a series of workshops and demonstrations for partners that are interested in learning more about the HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC.

The HP ConvergedSystem 200-HC StoreVirtual is expected to made available for shipment in the first quarter of this year. A special promotion is also being planned for resellers that undertake training and engage with Azlan on sales and marketing.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine